Missoula Police were on the lookout for a stolen car early, but ended up arresting the complainant instead. Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh says the complaint about a stolen car came in early Sunday Morning.

"just before 2:30 a.m., officers were called to the residence in the 1000 block of W. Pine Street where a male had indicated he wanted to report that his vehicle was stolen," said Welsh. "The officers responded and attempted to speak with the male, however they were having trouble understanding him. As they described it, it was unintelligible to the point that a friend had to help."

Through the friend’s interpretation, police found out that the car had not been stolen, but was at another friend’s house. During this time police also noticed that the complainant had two warrants out for his arrest.

"After the car had been located and the male decided that it wasn't actually stolen, the officers attempted to speak to him about the warrants he had outstanding," Welsh said. "He refused to answer his door. The officers reported that the male had indicated that he couldn't answer the door because he was in Billings despite having spoken to the officers earlier."

Police arrested 19-year-old Jacob Gregory Campbell on five separate charges including two outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court, obstructing a police officer, and two drug charges. Police found white powder in the home that appeared to be an opioid. Due to the slurred speech and other indicators, it is suspected that Campbell was intoxicated throughout the investigation.

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