A black bear shot during hunting season near St. Regis is raising red flags and has wardens on the search for a poacher. Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser explained what mades this shooting so suspicious.

"In this case, a couple of things were violated and maybe some others as the case evolves as well," Crowser said. "It's illegal to shoot a sow with cubs. Also, it could've involved shooting from a road, which is also illegal. And then of course leaving an animal is not okay either."

A couple of concerned ATV riders noticed two young bear cubs last Saturday and told Montana FWP, but the situation got worse in the 24 hours it took investigators to get to the scene.

"Two abadoned black bear cubs that were left after the mother was shot and then found the mother not far away from where the cubs were hanging, and that was late last week," Crowser said. "They let us know, we began our investigation, but one of the cubs didn't make it unfortunately. The other one we were able to transport to our rehabilitation center in Helena."

Crowser said the cub is recovering well. Anyone with information about this poaching incident is asked to please call 1-800 TIP MONT.

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