At around 8 a.m. this morning, March 4, Skywest airline flight 4600 en-route to the Salt Lake City Airport slid off of the Missoula runway, delaying the 44 passengers on board.

Though reasons for the slide haven't been released, it is likely a result of the black ice currently blanketing the valley.

According to Skywest spokesman Wes Horrocks, the problem occurred as the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff.

"As it was doing so, the front nose gear left the end of the runway," Horrocks said. "when that happened... everyone was safe... when that happened we got all of the passengers off and bussed them over to the terminal."

It is still unclear if the plane was damaged at all in the incident, but initial reports indicate that their was no significant damage to the plane. Horrocks said that if the plane is safe to fly, it will likely fly again today, otherwise the passengers will have to rebook on other flights.

Eyewitnesses on the flight have taken photos of the event (see here).

The main runway was shutdown during the incident.

Wes Horrocks: