An old telephone scam appears to be resurfacing in Montana. According to Ed Eck from the Montana Office of Consumer Protection said there has been an increase in the number of fake jury duty phone calls.

"The caller who represents that they're with a court, perhaps the federal court, or perhaps the 4th judicial court, whatever," Eck said. "What they're really after is your financial information. They tell you you didn't show up, there's a fine, and the best way to solve the problem is to pay now. They might ask for a credit card number or they might ask for a debit card number."

Of course, if someone were to miss jury duty for real, the courts would handle things quite differently.

"Typically you would get a letter, or you might get a call, but they wouldn't ask for your financial information," Eck said. "They would just tell you that you didn't appear, and depending on the judge, they might ask you to come in ask you why you didn't appear, but they wouldn't ask for your financial information."

Eck said most of the recent fake jury duty complaints have been coming out of central Montana. Those who wish to report a scam, can call 1 (800) 481-6896, to do so.

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