Rumors have been swirling that ESPN GameDay is considering a trip to Montana for the 120th "Brawl of the Wild." Now, these rumors have not been confirmed in any way, but the chances of it happening might be better than you think.

Why is ESPN GameDay such a big deal?

There is one BCS game that may distract ESPN from making their way to Montana. That would be the match-up between #5 Michigan State and #6 Ohio State. Depending on how each of those teams performs over the next few games, could decide which side of the country ESPN will be heading.

Regardless, die-hard Griz and Cats fans are campaigning all over the web. Trying their best to convince ESPN that Missoula, Montana is the place to be for college football on November 20th. Thankfully the University of Montana has some friends in high places. Like the very convincing and brilliant actor, JK Simmons.

The Academy Award winner recently sent out a campaign message to ESPN. Urging them to consider Missoula for ESPN GameDay. Saying "Total non-partisan" as he pans down to his Griz Football sweatshirt followed by a simple "Go Griz."

If you want to help the campaign to get ESPN to Missoula, simply tag all of your Griz Football photos #GRIZonGameDay.

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