Missoula residents had their first chance to see the results of a recent effort in 'asset mapping' on Wednesday in the Jack Reidy conference room adjacent to the Missoula City Council chambers.

Land Use Planner with the Sonoran Institute in Bozeman, John Lavey, said the asset map portrays the parts of Missoula that survey respondents thought were most precious to them.

"What people said is that they value a lot of different things about this city," Lavey said. "They value being able to recreate, they value the natural resources, open spaces and rivers. They value the economic prosperity that Missoula offers. They value the character and authenticity of some of these neighborhoods, along with the culture and the history of this place."

Lavey said asset mapping is one part of the city's growth policy update.

"The asset mapping project is just one slice of a larger spectrum of events that are happening to support the Our Missoula initiative," he said. "The initiative is being used to update the growth policy, which is the guiding document for the future growth and development in the City of Missoula."

The asset map will help the city determine which areas should be maintained, enhanced or renewed.

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