Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - According to information received by KGVO News just moments ago (on Friday evening), instead of the Missoula City Council voting on the new Ward Six representative on Monday night, there is a proposal to decide the issue by…a coin toss.

From the City Council:

A Coin Toss has been Proposed to Decide Ward Six City Councilor


‘Appointment to fill vacancy in Ward 6 due to tie vote in the municipal election:

Recommended motion:

First Vote:

Suspend City Council rule 31 for filling a vacancy in order to resolve the Ward 6 candidate tie by a random coin toss.

Two thirds of those present and vote required.

Recommended motion:

Second vote,

Appoint (insert name of coin toss winner) to serve as the Ward 6 City Council representative until the successor is elected and qualified at the next regular municipal election.

Majority of those elected required.

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Republican Committee Official Voices Strong Opposition

KGVO was contacted by Jane Van Fossen, the new secretary of the Missoula County Republican Committee on Friday evening who voiced her opinion of the idea in no uncertain terms.

“As voters, we pay them (The Missoula City Council) as taxpayers to represent us on that council,” began Van Fossen. “And when they trivialize an election, the way apparently they're intending to do by using a flip of the coin to decide who will represent the voters of that particular ward (Ward 6), I am incensed.”

Van Fossen continued in that vein as she expressed her opinion of the coin-flip proposal.

Van Fossen said The Council Should 'Stand up and be Counted'

“I see it as cowardice on the part of the council,” she said. “If in fact they approve this procedure, apparently they have the opportunity to vote and throw a bad idea out. The question is, will they have the courage to throw a bad idea out and then demonstrate the courage to decide who's going to represent as a colleague of theirs in that particular ward for the next four years?”

Van Fossen, a U.S. Navy veteran, had more to say about the proposal.

“It's time for them to stand up and be counted,” she said. “As someone who has taken an oath to the Constitution of the United States, I just find this such an offence, and I am really insulted that they would even consider weaseling out of their civic responsibility.”

Originally, the plan was for the 11 other city councilors to vote in either Sandra Vasecka or Sean Patrick McCoy as the Ward 6 representative as part of the Monday City Council meeting.

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