Safe Kids Missoula is taking advantage of National Poison Prevention Week to ask parents and grandparents to poison-proof their homes.

Safe Kids Missoula Operations and Program Manager Kira Huck said one child dies every 12 days from medicine poisoning, and the best way for parents to keep children safe is to see their home through the eyes of a child,

“We always encourage people to look at it from a child’s perspective,” Huck began. “From an adult’s perspective we know that’s a laundry soap packet, we know that’s a pill or a vitamin, but for a child they oftentimes see it as candy. That’s how kids explore the world, they taste things and climb on things and so it’s a lot easier for them to be at risk for medicine or laundry pack poisoning because they may not be aware of what that is.”

Huck encourages parents to make sure that medicines are out of sight and reach of children.

“The most important things that families can practice are just storing medicines and liquid laundry packets after every single use,” she said. “Also, just be aware that child-resistant does not mean child proof, and a child can gain access to medicine more quickly than a parent may realize. For grandparents, we recommend that they keep their medicine reminder boxes up and out of sight of their grandchildren, or even use a lockbox for security.”

Huck said there are lockboxes available at the Safe Kids Office by request by calling 926-2522.

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