Tuesday morning, Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte dropped by the KGVO Radio studios as he traveled through western Montana.

Gianforte addressed the hottest issue of the day, the controversy over post office boxes being removed throughout the Missoula area.

“We have this new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy,” said Gianforte. “He's a logistics expert and he's making decisions about how to make the post office a more efficient concern. I hear from folks in Montana that they don't want their mail delivery delayed. I mean, they put a stamp on an envelope and they expect it to get delivered.”

Gianforte sent a letter, as did Senators Daines and Tester asking DeJoy to stop removing the mail boxes in Missoula and throughout the state.

“We came out recently and just said, hey, Mr. Postmaster, tell us how the removal of these boxes impacts delivery times, because Montanans rely on the mail to get prescription drugs, packages, letters from their kids, and whatever else is coming in such as bills, and we'll be relying on the Postal Service probably even more here going into this election cycle,” he said.

Gianforte said the timing of removing the mail boxes is all wrong due to the pandemic and the upcoming election.

“We need to make sure ballots are going to get to the county clerk and recorder,” he said. “So I asked the postmaster to just help us understand how their decisions are affecting mail delivery so that mail does not get delayed. They did reverse the decision to remove the boxes in Montana. So and I think that was a direct result of this bipartisan effort to make sure that you get your stamps worth.”

Gianforte, who is also running for Governor on the Republican ticket, said there will be debates scheduled with his Democratic opponent Mike Cooney starting in September.

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