There was an officer involved shooting that occurred in Lake County late Tuesday night.

Montana Highway Patrol Sergeant Jay Nelson described the incident.

“On Tuesday, March 2nd at approximately 10:05 p.m., a Montana Highway trooper attempted to conduct a traffic stop in Lake County,” said Nelson. “Subsequently, the suspect fled the traffic stop and the MHP trooper attempted to stop the vehicle with a pursuit intervention technique or otherwise known as a pit maneuver.”

Nelson said the technique was unsuccessful and the incident turned more violent.

“This maneuver was unsuccessful,” he said. “The suspect then attempted to ram the MHP troopers vehicle and another vehicle, and shots were fired at the suspect by the MHP trooper. The suspect sustained minor injuries and was apprehended and treated for these non life threatening injuries.”

Nelson said the investigation into the incident is underway by another state law enforcement agency.

“No law enforcement officers were injured in this incident,” he said. “The suspect was charged with criminal endangerment and felony DUI, and according to protocol, this investigation has been turned over to the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation.”

The incident occurred near the intersection of Beaverhead Drive and Eagle Lane in Lake County.

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