Montana had its first two cases of Chronic Wasting Disease diagnosed in two mule deer out of Carbon County this season and FWP Public Information Officer Bob Gibson says that there is currently an attempt to test all of the mule deer harvests that pass through that region.

“What we are doing is checking every animal that we can, that comes out of that area, taking samples and sending them into the lab and looking for those results,” Gibson said. “In fact, that’s how the two positive results came to us: from checking animals that were harvested in that area.”

Gibson says dozens of animals have been tested this past week and that there is good news.

“The most recent batch that came out during the weekend of the 18th and 19th all came out negative, so we didn’t find any new incidents of Chronic Wasting Disease… and that’s good news.”

Gibson says researchers are hoping to test a total of 100 deer for Chronic Wasting Disease and have tested about 50 to 60 so far.

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