Construction on another traffic-calming roundabout will begin on Tuesday, September 3 at the three-way intersection of Toole Avenue, Scott Street, and Spruce Street on Missoula's north side. Construction manager for the city of Missoula, Doug Harby, said last week that this roundabout differs in some ways from others recently installed in Missoula.

"It's going to require the closure of the intersection to construct this urban mini-roundabout," Harby said. "It's similar to the other roundabouts in town, but because of constricted space, it's a little bit different. The actual circle can be mounted by trucks and buses because we can't make it big enough to build a radius for a truck to go around, so they're called mountable surfaces. They'll stick up enough to deflect a car, but will allow trucks and buses to turn left across."

Harby said there will be detours on all three streets while construction is in progress.

"Eastbound, Toole will go down to Pine, then back up to Spruce," Harby said. "Westbound, Spruce and Toole will both go up to Cooper and back down to Toole after they cross Scott Street, then Scott Street will be detoured on both Pine and Cooper."

Harby said that the roads will be closed only to through traffic, so access to homes and businesses in the area will still be available. Construction will take about four weeks to complete.

The city will be providing some period lighting around the area.

"One of the interesting things about this project is that the MRA [Missoula Redevelopment Agency] is paying for some period lighting, similar to the old-fashioned black fluted lights we put in on North Higgins," Harby said. "That will give the project a nice finished look."

City of Missoula Construction Project Manager Doug Harby:


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