As part of an ongoing effort to catalog and test a backlog of sexual assault evidence kits, the Montana Attorney General’s Office announced this week two new resources for sexual assault victims. Department of Justice Spokeswoman Anastasia Burton explain.

"We've developed a new web page and a hotline for survivors of sexual assault, and both the website and the hotline are designed to make it easier for sexual assault survivors to connect with the resources and support they need to heal. The new website and the hotline are part of our Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)

The hotline is for sexual assault survivors with past cases, and will allow them to find out if the evidence kit connected to their personal case has been tested.

"It is specifically for sexual assault survivors whose cases were developed between 1995 and 2015. The web page has several features that will be helpful to survivors. It features links to survivor resources  including an interactive map so they can locate nearby services.

The new kit testing information line’s phone number is 1-888-KIT-LINE. The new website can be found at the state Department of Justice website at

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