Bitterroot National Forest Supervisor Julie King has signed the Record of Decision for the Como Forest Health Project on the Darby Ranger District.

"We have been working on the analysis for a couple of years," King said. "Our intent is to improve forest health, wildlife habitat, all while still providing for the recreation and visuals that are so important in that watershed. This project will help treat fuels, it will also help treat insect and disease issues, as well as providing for improved wildlife habitat."

The decision authorizes the forest to move forward on plans to thin approximately 2,254 acres of overstocked forested areas through commercial and non-commercial timber harvests between Lake Como and Lost Horse Canyon.

"It will be a harvest through a timber sale that we'll accomplish these objectives," King said. "There will be some thinning and removal of insect and disease trees, and they will be removed in a way compatible with maintaining the watershed and the resources that are there."

This project will send over five million board feet of timber to Montana sawmills. King says they will try to advertise delays in the area as activity may start in the fall.