Bitterroot National Forest officials announced today that that they have reached the final stages of a timber sale.

"We just concluded analysis on the Como Forest Health Project which is just outside Darby near Lake Como which is a high recreation area," Forest Manager Julie King said. "We were really proud to offer that for sale and that was awarded to Pyramid Lumber."

King said the timber sale is primarily a "forest health project" to help deal with beetle kill and fire risk.

"We've got some fuels issues where we feel like if we can get in there in the stand and remiss some fuels, we'll have better success with any fire that might occur in the watershed," King said. "There's about 1,040 acres of commercial timber harvest and then we have some non-commercial thinning on about 730 acres."

The sale is expected to fill about 1,500 trucks with timber. Despite being a relatively small project, King said there were 22 objections filed that had to be dealt with before this timber sale could be finalized.