Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - March 1 is a big day for sportsmen, women, and outdoor enthusiasts in Montana, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is ready to assist you for safe fishing and hunting seasons.

KGVO News spoke to Regional Information and Education Manager for FWP Vivaca Crowser about the importance of March 1.

Spring Plans are Being Made for the new FWP License Year

“March first is a good day,” began Crowser. “It's the first day of the new license year. So it is the first day your hunting and fishing licenses for the 2024 licensee are available and also the first day you can start applying for those special licenses and permits, so make sure if you're headed out this weekend ice fishing for example, that you have that new license in your pocket.”

Crowser provided more details on what paperwork you should have to legally and successfully take part in all that Montana has to offer.

Details on Which Licenses are Necessary starting in March

“Just basic licenses that you want to have in your pocket if you're headed out fishing this time of year, or maybe if you're headed out to on a Fish, Wildlife and Parks property, you need to have that conservation license,” she said. “Make sure you review what you typically have bought in past years and get those new licenses and then it's the time to start thinking about what special permits and licenses that you might want to apply for are out there, and that changes a little bit from year to year. So, the new regulations are online, you can check that out and see what opportunities are there.”

Looking ahead, Crowser said April 1 is also a big day for sportsmen and women.

“Deadlines just started happening on April 1, and its May 1 and June 1,” she said. “So make sure depending on what you're going to apply for, you know which deadline is relevant to you and you can put in all those applications early you don't have to wait so you can start figuring that out now and beat the rush, and then all you have to do is wait and see if you are successful or not on the draw.”

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Crowser Emphasized Caution on Thawing Lakes and Rivers

With the El Nino winter just passed, Crowser encouraged all who will be recreating on the water to use extreme caution.

“Really, right now with the change in the season and the back and forth and temperature that we've really experienced all winter, just being extra safe out there on the ice, especially making sure where you go that it's thick enough and as the season wears on that that need to be safe just continues to increase,” she said. “So being aware of that, and then kind of shifting gears to this spring water conditions here as things start to warm up.”

Click here to find out more about what you’ll need to legally and successfully fish and hunt in Montana in 2024.

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