An ever-increasing number of Missoula voters are voting on absentee ballots. This year, it appears that around 75 percent of voters will get their ballot in the mail instead of a their polling place according to Missoula Elections Coordinator Dana Causby.

“The number of absentee ballots that have been polled for this election, and it is growing every day, was 52,000,” Causby said. “At the moment I believe our registration is up to 69,000. We have a very large of absentee ballots that get mailed out and actually a very large amount of absentee ballots that get mailed back in.”

There is a concern that people will get their ballots and forget to actually vote before the votes are tallied. According to Causby, Missoula actually has a pretty record of returning ballots, especially when there is a federal election at stake.

“For the primary, around 52% got returned, which is a great number,” Causby said. “For the special federal last summer, 75% of the ballots mailed out were returned. Absentee ballots do, at least in Missoula County, get voted and returned back to our offices.”

Absentee ballots will be sent to Montana Voter on Friday October 12 and should be in mailboxes by Monday the 15th.

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