Old Man Winter..is in the rear view mirror, according to the National Weather Service office in Missoula. 

Meteorologist Ryan Leach looked back on the winter of 2014 as being somewhat lackluster, with a good start and a weak finish.

"We got off to a really strong start with heavy snow in November and a pretty good December, and then things really slowed down and dried up by the time January began," Leach said. "That's not really unusual for an El Nino winter, but they didn't really declare it an El Nino winter until just yesterday. There wasn't anything extreme, either with snow or cold temperatures, so it was just a pretty mediocre winter."

Leach said he doesn't expect any more severe winter weather in the area.

"We might have some snow showers here and there in the next couple of weeks, but if we do, it's going to melt real quick and not amount to much, so I think at this point, you can probably put away the snow blower," he said.