The Missoula County coroner has identified the name of the plane crash victim who died on Wednesday October 14 at the Missoula International Airport.

The deceased pilot's name is Patrick Carter. He was 52-years-old and was heading back to his home in Monroeville, Alabama. According to the sheriff's department, Carter had stopped in Missoula to get fuel, but was traveling from Washington State back home to Alabama.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Brenda Basset, says the man's family was contacted before his name was released.

Today, Both the National Transportation Safety Board and a coroner will be investigating the crash and the victim to help discern why the plane crash happened and what the cause of death was.

The plane crashed down in between the long term parking lot and the area where airplane travelers are dropped off, in a fairly narrow grassy area. No one else was injured and the wreckage will remain where it is until the investigation is over.