Missoula Police investigated a suspicious package this morning, October 19, that was dropped off at a federal building in downtown Missoula near some mysterious graffiti.

“Before 8:00 a.m. this morning a citizen called in a suspicious looking package that he had observed leaning against the west wall of the Federal Courthouse Building," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "There appeared to be some writing on the wall next to the package. There was also some type of graffiti on the western front glass doors.”

It is unclear if the graffiti and the package are connected, but Welsh said the message said  “save Palestine” and the graffiti on the door looked like a plus sign with two circles beneath it, with a dot in the bottom circle.

“We could not determine what the contents of the package were, so at that point we started taking precautions, "Welsh said. "We isolated the area so that we could render it safe… whatever it was.  At this point it has been determined not to be a hazard.”

The package is in the hands of the FBI now, the Missoula area bomb squad was not called in to investigate.

Photo courtesy of NBC Montana
Photo courtesy of NBC Montana

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