Some day I would enjoy settling down, getting myself a nice family - wife and kids - and buying myself a house.

Here's the kicker: I couldn't save money to save my life. How can I purchase a house if I continue to spend my money on eating out multiple times a week or purchasing records I don't need or LEGOs or rent?

Oh, and because houses are FLIPPING expensive.

If you are in the market to purchase a house you should know how much you'll have to place for a down payment. An article from Visual Capitalist looked at data from Bankrate at what the average down payment for a house will cost you in each U.S. state. Visual Capitalist cited the pandemic as a leading cause in rising down payment prices.

"The down payment of a house varies greatly depending on where it is located. During the pandemic, down payments spiked alongside home purchase prices. In 2023, they remained higher than they were in early 2020.

The data presented is pulled from October 2023.

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Montana will cost you 72 thousand dollars

On average, a down payment in Montana is running at 72k. It is one of the most expensive in the West and the 8th most expensive state in the entire nation.


Half of the top 12 most expensive states are located in the West. Oregon is 12th, Idaho is 11th, Colorado is 7th, California is 5th and Washington is 4th. It's a little surprising Washington is more expensive than California, even with the mass exodus of Californians leaving.

Credit: Visual Capitalist
Credit: Visual Capitalist

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Montanans, if you think it is more expensive to live here and buy a house here... than you are absolutley right. You are not crazy and completley justified to compain about the high housing prices.

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Washington D.C. checks in as the most expensive state, err, district along with Hawai'i, and Florida at 98.7 thousand dollars.

The cheapest median down payments are in Mississippi at 5.8 thousand dollars, Louisiana at 6.5 thousand dollars, and West Virginia  6.6 thousand dollars.

Long live the South.

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