A white crew cab pickup truck was struck broadside on the passenger side at a train crossing near Cyr in western Montana on Tuesday morning pushing the vehicle a half mile down the railroad tracks.

Frenchtown Rural Fire District spokesman Mel Holtz said the accident occurred at about 10:00 a.m.

“Just before 10:00 a.m. we received a call that just past the Cyr exit about a train versus a vehicle,” said Holtz. “Once we arrived on the scene, it looked like the train took about a half a mile to come to a stop, and ended up dragging that vehicle down. We were able to remove a patient and they were transported to a Missoula hospital.”

They had the MRL (Montana Rail Link) crews, as well as a volunteer from St. Regis Fire in the area that responded quickly to the scene. There was just one individual in the vehicle with undetermined injuries, however, he was up and talking, so that was a good thing, but there was no word as to the extent of his injuries.”

Holtz said he believed the crossing was marked only with a sign, but without crossing arms or flashing lights.

“It definitely does not have signal arms, there’s just a sign that says ‘Rail Crossing’,” he said. “We always caution people to look both ways especially on non-signaled railroad crossings. I believe the driver was wearing a seat belt, and we can’t encourage that enough.”

The photos show the train nearly cutting the white Chevrolet pickup truck in two as it pushed the truck a half mile down the tracks.

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