At around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Missoula Police Officers responded to Caras Park for a report of a male that had been stabbed. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“When they arrived, they were directed by witnesses to an adult male who had suffered an injury as a result of the disturbance,” Welsh said. “They were also directed to a vehicle that was apparently leaving the park that witnesses stated the suspect had got into. The vehicle was stopped and three adults were identified as occupants of the vehicle, including 23-year-old Marcus Mclemore.”

An officer spoke with the victim who stated he was walking on the path and was jumped, hit in the face and then stabbed. The victim said one of the males punched him in the face, causing his nose to break.

He then stated he tried to stand up and the male attempted to stab him in the stomach, however, the victim used his arm to deflect the stab from his stomach, which caused the deep laceration to his lower arm.

“Mr. Mclemore was subsequently arrested for assault with a weapon,” Welsh said. “The victim was transported to the hospital for injuries that appeared at the time to not be life threatening. However, it did appear to officers at the scene that he lost a significant amount of blood as a result.”

Court documents indicate the victim underwent emergency surgery at the hospital. The two other individuals in the car said the group floated the river that day and that they were all drinking prior to the incident. Mclemore told the interviewing detective that he was “super drunk”. Two separate witnesses confirmed that Mclemore attacked the victim.

As a result, Mclemore is being charged with one count of felony assault with a weapon.

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