The Mount Jumbo north zone closes Saturday, the south zone closes December 7th.

Every winter, the City of Missoula closes parts of Mount Jumbo to protect herds of wintering elk. Lands manager Morgan Valiant says the north zone, including areas north of the Saddle Road will be closed starting December 1st through May 1st.

Mount Jumbo's south zone, the area south of Saddle Road will be closed starting December 7th till March 15th. For those who enjoy hiking in the area, Valiant says the 'L' and I-90 trails are open year-round, however all dogs must be leashed during the winter closure.

Valient says elk view all dogs as predators, and will spook when they encounter dogs in the area. He says the best time to view the elk is just after sunrise from the Rattlesnake Valley or from downtown Missoula.

City of Missoula Lands Manager Morgan Valiant