Have you binged any Netflix shows recently? I have been lazy continuing to revisit Arrested Development, a show I have watched, probably, three times through already.

Maybe it's time to watch something new. In case you're in my boat, here are the top 10 shows currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.

  1. All The Light Cannot See: Limited Series (Starring Mark Ruffalo & Aria Mia Loberti)
  2. Till Murder do us Part: Soering VS Haysom: Limited Series
  3. Ralph Barbosa: Cowabunga (Stand-up comedy special
  4. Get Gotti
  5. Botched
  6. Selling Sunset
  7. Life on Our Planet
  8. The Fall of the House of Usher
  9. Unicorn Academy
  10. Mysteries of the Faith

After reading through the top 10 Netflix shows, I didn't know a single one of these shows, so I linked all the shows to their IMDB page.

As for Montana...

A site called StatsPanda took data from Google Trends to map each state's most-watched show on Netflix in 2023.

Note: There are a lot of reports that Netflix has embellished its viewership numbers, so we're at the liberty of Netflix being a swell, honest corporation. 

The numbers show Montana's number one most-watched show is... BEEF.

Beef actually has nothing to do with cows or literal beef, but nonetheless, how fitting that our agricultural-heavy state's most-watched show is called Beef.

Big shocker, I haven't seen this show either. A summary on IMDB lays out the show for us.

After an incident in a parking lot, road rage ensues resulting in a bitter feud between the two antagonists. The vendetta between them and the lengths they'll go to to avenge themselves on the other spirals out of control, jeopardising everything and everyone in their lives. - IMDB user grantss

Beef stars Steven Yuen (known for Walking Dead and Invincible) and Ali Wong (known for her stand-up - Ali Wong: Baby Cobra). It scored an 8/10 on IDMB, and I've heard some solid feedback on it.

Not that my opinion means anything...

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