The Missoula County Attorney’s Office kicked off the month of September with numerous assault cases. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says she was surprised by the number of cases and by some of the weapons used.

"We had six new assault with a weapon cases, and an aggravated assault that allegedly occurred in front of a two-year-old child," Pabst said. "There were a couple of threats involving a knife. One man allegedly used a broken ceramic tile and a vacuum hose on his partner."

Micah Baldwin, an inmate at the Missoula County Jail has apparently also been creating unique weapons. Baldwin originally wound up in jail after being charged for assault involving a handgun. Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks reported that Baldwin had been allegedly caught with a sharpened toothbrush and had also allegedly been in possession of a spring from a door, which had apparently been sharpened into a shiv.

Assault with a weapon cases aren’t nearly as common in Missoula as DUI cases, but there have been ten assault cases in just the past two weeks.