They always say "every vote counts" and sometimes it doesn't feel like it in some of the bigger elections that we have in our country. But here in Montana, your vote does count, and it carries more weight in our elections than maybe you know and there are some pretty big races in our state this year.

How do I vote in Missoula?

Tuesday, November 8th is election day and we encourage everyone in Montana to get out and to vote. Even though it is the midterm elections, there are a lot of races here in Montana that are important to our state and locally in our communities. If you are mailing in your ballot it is recommended that you get it in the mail at least a week before election day, so that would mean you will need to get it in the mail by tomorrow. If you have any doubt about your ballot getting there in time you can always vote in person at your local voting location. In Missoula County, you can find out voting information here.

How much does my vote count?

According to research done by Wallet Hub, individual votes in Montana carry more weight than voters in a lot of other states. You can check out their website for their methodology.

This is what they found. Montana ranked in the top 10 in overall ranking coming in at number 6. They then broke down individual elections and looked at Senate, House of Representatives, and Gubernatorial races. Even though we are not voting for a Governor in Montana this year, they looked at past elections. For our Senate races in Montana, we ranked 8th. For House of Representative races, we ranked just outside of the top 10 coming in at number 11. When we do vote for our Governor we come back into the top 10 at number 9.

Here are the big races on the ballot in Montana this year

For the first time in a long time we will be choosing two U.S. Representatives, one from House District 1 in the west. In the running for that seat are Ryan Zinke, Monica Tranel, and John Lamb.  Also one will be chosen from House District 2 in the East, in the running for that seat is, Matt Rosendale, Penny Ronning, Sam Rankin, and Gary  Buchanan.

With elections coming up, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on, I think we can all agree that people should get out to vote and have their voice be heard.

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