Most republicans would rather just leave the Citizens United decision alone, arguing that the decision is an issue of free speech. If you watch political ads, you'd think that the democrat politicians in Montana want to overturn Citizens United. If you believe that, I think you're sadly mistaken. While it's true that a large majority of voting democrats would like to see Citizens United overturned, the politicians that represent those voters are failing to uphold their end of the deal. Sure, Montana's Attorney General has a case pending at the Supreme Court, but as many anti-corporate spending advocates have noted, the Attorney General has chosen not to raise the strongest argument available. This is no accident. The fact of the matter is this: Citizens United provides a nationwide source of income for Montana democrat coffers that would not otherwise be there. Citizens United and American Tradition Partnership vs. Bullock have been mentioned in all major publications and ironically give Montana democrats even less of a reason to want to see Citizen's United overturned swiftly. Simply put, Citizen's United provides a national spotlight, loads of campaign cash, and, of course, with the Citizens United ruling  all politicians can draw on supporting corporations for an extra boost of ad time as well.

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