Montana’s entire congressional delegation has endorsed the continuation of funding for Community Health Centers across the country, and specifically across Montana.

At a press conference in front of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Senator Steve Daines said the wholeheartedly supports the funding, flanked by fellow Senator Jon Tester and Representative Greg Gianforte.

“Community Health Centers deliver effective, efficient and affordable healthcare,” Daines said. “In Montana, we have 17 Community Health Centers across our state. There’s a tremendous return on investment with community health centers because we’re treating citizens who have issues earlier in that process, therefore getting well sooner, and that’s the important role that CHC’s provide.”

In a speech before the Senate this week, Tester bemoaned the fact that Community Health Centers were caught up in the debate over the continuing budget resolution.

“Fully 10 percent of the citizens of Montana depend on Community Health Centers for access to their healthcare,” Tester said. “It is in some cases, the only source of healthcare for these folks. And I can tell you., these facilities are critically important. These fold right now in the State of Montana, if you go talk to them they will tell you they’re not sure if they can keep the doors open.”

Also, on Monday, Representative Gianforte urged House Speaker Paul Ryan to ensure continued and predictable funding for community health centers that serve Montanans who rely on them for access to health care. Gianforte and 103 of his colleagues wrote in a letter to Speaker Ryan, “We write to express our serious concerns over the expiration of the Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF), and to urge you to include a reauthorization of the fund as part of the next moving piece of legislation to be signed into law.”

Tuesday was designated as a Day of Action for Community Health Centers across the country to encourage Congress to reauthorize funding that will run out on March 31.

Montana’s delegation is already on board.

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