Starting on January 1 of 2019, Montanans will be able to select a new optional driver’s license that is compliant with REAL ID, a federal law that would prohibit access to domestic flights and federal buildings to those that don’t have compliant identification. To help prepare the public for the new option, Montana Motor Vehicle Division spokeswoman Sky Schaefer says a new website is available this week.

"The website that we just launched,, is a website that MVD has created to help the public understand what Real ID is, when we are going to begin issuing them, what applicable costs pertain to them and answer just some frequently asked questions," Schaefer said.

Real ID compliant cards will look almost identical to other Montana driver’s licenses, with the addition of a star in the corner. They will also end up costing the public a little bit more.

"The nice thing about Montana is that the public has a choice if they want to opt in for a Real ID for an additional fee or they can stick with the standard license that we have today, that is up to them," Schaefer said. "If you add a Real ID to your drivers license or ID card when you are renewing, that is an additional 25 dollars."

To get a Real ID card requires individuals to bring in proof of identification: social security cards, birth certificates, e.t.c. which will be scanned and saved on state databases. A full list of the information required is available on the new website.

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