It's getting to that time of year. The holidays are settling, we all have to go back to work 40 hours a week and Christmas decorations will be torn down in droves.

It's such a sad time, for most. You need to toss your Christmas tree out the window, rip the beautiful lights off your house, throw away the wreath and crush the Christmas spirit in one fell swoop. What a depressing time of year.

With that uplifting message on your mind: when do you take down your Christmas decorations?

Before we get to YOUR responses, I put my vote in early-mid January. If you want to take your Christmas stuff down later in January, hell even February, then I say you do you.

When you should take down your Christmas decorations according to Montanans

We received a wide variety of responses on our Facebook page. Let's run through them in chronological order.

1) Jay lives that Scrooge/Grinch life saying "'Bout 23 years ago..." to which A.J. replied, "near same." Maybe Jay and A.J. are onto something. They never have to clean up.

2) Janice said "Christmas day." She moved quicker than Sharon did!

3) Sharon said "The 26th." There's no playing around in Sharon's house. Get through the big day, host your Christmas party and then axe the tree. Very punctual.

4) Michelle explained "January 1... would have done it sooner." January 1st is a solid day to get some work done IF you are not too hungover like the guy writing this article was...

5) Erik had a timely response saying "Just took down the outside inflatables today..." Erik is an optimist though as he said "But we have valentines day just around the corner."

6) Steve gave a thorough response. "Jan 6th at earliest. Christmas is a season and the 1st day in Dec.25. The 12th day is January 6th." Steve is showing his work... we love it.

7) Finally we get to our cheeriest bunch. Christopher boasted "Mine are still up.  Kris asked "People take them down?" and Andrea said "I don't think I will this year. I like them." That's the Christmas spirit I'm looking for. I hope Andrea leaves it up until next Christmas.

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