Whether we detect it or not a lot of us Montanas have an accent. Some have it thicker than others. Some sound like southern Canadians and others get by with minimal detection. Regardless, we have our dialect and phrases that set us apart from other regions.

Montana, specifically Missoula, is very unique though because we have several demographics in the area. The out-of-staters, the rural folks, and the hipster college kids make for one big melting pot here. But maybe we can all agree on a couple of things: What words do Montanans use to address a group of two or more people?

There are four options from this map of a study conducted by the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University.

1) "You Guys"

2) "You"

3) "Y'all"

4) "You All"

It's test time... do you know Montana? Which address do we use? Find out after this commercial break!

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Ok, Montana's answer is "You Guys."

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 Spot on! It's always "you guys." I don't ever hear a Montanan say "y'all" or "you" or "you all" in that situation. The most interesting part of the map is there's a small pocket in Kentucky that says "you all." That seems farfetched to me. Who says you all? Just seems like so much extra work instead of y'all. They're in the South... just say "y'all." One last map I want to ask: Do you call it "soda" or "pop?"

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How valid is this map? I don't know, but it shows Montana as using both "pop" and "soda." What's weird for me is that I used to call it pop and for some odd reason, I switched to soda gang. I have no idea why or when that happened.

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