Thursday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Montana and other states who contested President Obama’s order to grant immediate amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Montana Attorney General Office’s John Barnes explains.

"When Obama issued some executive actions, Montana and number of other states believed then that these actions exceeded his authority,” John Barnes. “It’s the president’s responsibility to faithfully execute those laws. He can’t just sort of pick and choose how to enforce them or to bypass them or to ignore them and that’s what the states thought he was doing when it came to amnesty and illegal immigration.”

Montana Senator Steve Daines along with forty two other senators filed an amicus brief in April in support of the effort to halt the executive order.

“At this point it’s the end of the line on this and the states won,” Barnes said. “This was a great victory for the rule of law. It’s one example where we’ve been successful on this. The program was prevented from taking effect very early on it really didn’t really have a chance to be implemented at all, if at all so no, I don’t see this impacting anybody here or now.”

Yesterday’s ruling marks the fourth time federal courts have sided with Montana’s position against Obama’s executive action on immigration. It will likely be the last appeal.