Representatives from the Montana University System are attempting to convince members of the Montana Senate to add more funding. Back in January, the system's proposed budget was reduced by $20 million.  Montana University System Spokesman Kevin McRae describes the discussions underway.

"The House of Representatives last week restored about half of the funding of that proposed cut," said McRae. "We are now in the Senate Finance Committee. We had a good hearing where there was thorough dialog about the impacts of state funding on tuition. We are looking forward to working with the Senate to explore possibilities for further funding restoration so we can keep tuition affordable."

There were numerous reports that tuition could jump up by over one thousand dollars, Governor Steve Bullock even inferred that one of the eight Montana University System locations may need to shut down if the cuts remain in place. Now McRae says tuition adjustments may vary from school to school and it is hard to put an estimated percentage on that figure.

"In a state system where the state's funding commitment stops, the student's tuition obligation begins," McRae said. "The commissioner has been clear that a significant reduction in state funding would probably be dealt with through tuition increases, educational cuts or some combination of the two."

The Montana University System Regents will be meeting in May to discuss exactly how to deal with any cuts in the final budget.

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