The Montana unemployment numbers for April have been released and, apparently, the rate dropped.

"In April, Montana's unemployment rate fell slightly by .1 percent, so now its at 4.2 percent," said Montana Department of Labor and Industry Economist Chris Bradley. "It is still lower than the national average and in April, the U.S. unemployment rate stayed the same, at 5 percent."

The total employment estimate actually decreased by 131 jobs and Bradly was asked if the cause of the unemployment rate drop was due to an actual increase in jobs, or just a decrease in the number of people considered unemployed.

"It is difficult to say, but it seems that payroll employment grew by about 2,000 jobs in April, so I'd say that its because people are finding work," Bradley said.

The Department of Labor and Industry also noted an increase in energy prices by over three percent while food prices and core inflation also increased by point two percent.

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