Retailers who sell alternative nicotine products in Montana will have more stringent licensing requirements next year. Montana Department of Revenue (MTDOR) spokeswoman Marry Anne Dunwell explains.

"In the past, retailers that sold, or currently sell E-cigarettes, sometimes they are called vapes, alternative nicotine or vapor products, they didn't have to get any kind of license to sell these products, but, as of January 1, they will need to have a licence in place."

The new license requires a five dollar fee, but the most difficult part may be finishing the paperwork during a busy holiday season. MTDOR is trying to make this process easier.

"The department is trying to make it as easy and convenient as possible," Dunwell said. "We realize that it is a busy time for retailers during the holiday season. What we have done is we have made it part of our eStop licensing program."

There are already seven other forms on the Montana Department of Revenue’s E-Stop program. Dunwell says that an initial fine of one hundred dollars is possible for those that fail to get the new license in time.

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