Citing the need for increased transparency and public input, the Montana Public Service Commission submitted a renewed request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Last Thursday for public hearings. 

"The request we have is the opportunity to have public comment on the transfer from Kerr to their subsidiary, the Energy Keepers," PSC Chairman Bob Lake said. "Our concern was that the public has not had the opportunity for the transparency that should be given when you get a transfer of this magnitude."

Lake said he wants to make sure Energy Keepers is held to the same standards as past owners.

"My concern is that the Energy Keepers will be bound to the same terms that the tribe and previous owners would have had and stay with the reason that the dam was built," Lake said. "And that was to provide the opportunity to develop the agrarian-type of lifestyle for the tribes."

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is expected to respond to the request within the month.