It has been a touchy subject for Montanans for going on 20 years. Wolves re-introduced into the ecosystem. The debate sparks arguments from both sides, and passionate feelings about whether it was a good or a bad idea for wolves to be re-introduced. You can ask just about anyone on the street their thoughts on the subject, and odds are they have some choice words to say.

But, numbers don't lie when it comes to showing exactly what the wolves are doing to not only our ecosystem, but also the economy.

According to RMEF.ORG

Montana doled out more than $247,000 for livestock depredation in 2019. That total is more than in any previous year and the third consecutive year of record payments to farmers and ranchers who lost livestock to predators.

Now, granted not all the livestock were killed by wolves. Mountain lions, coyotes and grizzly bears have caused some on the damage too. But, those predators have not been witnessed killing "for sport," like outdoorsman and ranchers have seen from wolves.

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