Gas prices in Montana are rising even as the national average begins to fall.

"Average Gas prices in Montana continued their climb rising about three cents a gallon this past week ( January 8 - 14), the state wide average is about $2.28 while the national average has actually fallen about two and a half cents to $3.33," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.

The price jump is the largest Montana has seen for months, and DeHaan says there are a lot of signs that 2017 will be more expensive for motorists than last year.

"By any metric it is not looking great compared to last year, motorists in Montana a year ago were shelling out just $1.90 so prices are much higher today at $2.28, but there's still some relatively cheap prices, Bozeman seeing average prices at about $2.16 a gallon while prices in Missoula are a bit higher at $2.29 at most stations," DeHaan said.

Prices are up in nearly all Rocky Mountain states, Montana was just one of 14 states that saw a price increase this week.

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