Where is Montana? The Pacific Northwest? The West? Its own unique directional sovereign?

... the Midwest?


According to a map on the Reddit page r/MapPorn (it's not what you think. It's a major collection of maps and has zero NSFW content, I swear), 30.1% of people that participated in an Emerson Poll think Montana belongs to the Midwest.

Do you live in the Midwest?

That's almost one out of every third person who believes Montana is a Midwest state. Are these people crazy? Even Eastern Montana, I don't believe, qualifies as the Midwest. Maybe there's more of an argument for Eastern Montana looking more like the Midwest than out west, but I'm not buying it. Granted, I've never lived in Eastern Montana, so maybe folks in Miles City, Glendive or Wibaux think otherwise, but I don't see a definitive argument that puts Montana in the Midwest.

The Midwest consists of the Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. Although I would argue Missouri is a southern state more than a Midwest state, I won't die on that hill as I will die on the "Montana is not a Midwest state" hill.


Even National Geographic said, "Montana's in the west, what are we talking about?" Ok, that's not exactly the quote but they said it with the map.

What's even more ludicrous to me is that 25.2% of people voted Idaho as a part of the Midwest, too. Is this a legitimate map? Am I getting worked up over nothing?

Is Montana in the West? Is it the Pacific Northwest?

I've seen maps including Western Montana in the Pacific Northwest, but I've it excluded too. This map from the Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation shows MT in the PNW. I don't know, man. Just don't include Montana in the Midwest. That's a hill I will die on.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get outside and touch some grass.

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