Over 100,000 graduates have been sent out from Montana State University over its 120 year history, but only one has ever returned to celebrate an 80 year reunion.

This weekend, May 3, 103 year old Bernard "Barney" D. Meyers (pictured in gold robe) took to the podium, as MSU honored its oldest graduate.

Meyers graduated in 1934, as Nazi Germany signed a short-lived peace pact with Poland and Shirley Temple appeared in her big screen debut.

MSU graduates watched a photographic history of Meyer's college days: he was shown as young and strong, playing basketball with friends in 1934, even as he walked toward the podium in 2014, slowly, but under his own strength.

Meyer's didn't speak, but the walk was enough.

More than the diplomas and speeches, Meyer's walk exhibited the perseverance required of graduates, most of whom will be lucky to return for their 80 year reunion in 2094.