Recently, I've been deliberating what my next tattoo will be. I have some ideas - a coffee mug and some flip-flops for my mom and dad, my dog's favorite toy, some imagery to represent my favorite bands, barbed wire all the way around, a heart shape with "MOM" scripted across it, a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl LIX, etc...


Then I thought "Maybe I should get something Montana related." Then I kept thinking and came up with a list of Montana-inspired ideas to get for your next tattoo job. Let me know what you think.

"The Last Best Place"

If you're into word, sentence or phrase tattoos ink yourself with "The Last Best Place." You could get someone meaningful to you to write it out in their handwriting. That's always a go-to for tatts.

Outline of the Clark Fork River

Something as simple as your favorite river outline. It could be a thin black line in the path of your river. Maybe splice some trees or other outdoorsy images on it as well.

attachment-Clark Fork

Speaking of nature...

A sleeve of Montana's state "icons": Treasure, Bitterroot flower, Grizzly, Mountain, etc

Go all out and get a full arm sleeve of everything Montana. Combine all the state icons. Start with some mountains and then splash in some sapphires, bitterroot flowers, a grizzly bear (any wild animal).

Upside Down Yellowstone 'Y'

True Montanans dislike Yellowstone, right? Have you heard about this? It could be like a "Horns Down" gesture towards the University of Texas. Flip the Yellowstone 'Y' as a big "screw you" to the show.

An elk on horseback

Alright, now we're going off the rails. Elk are running around Montana and there are plenty of horseback trails... why not combine the two? Put an elk riding horseback because why not?

Deer skiing

Ok, we're going to keep the obscure animal trends rolling. How about a deer on skiis? Maybe give the deer a nice scarf and a beanie? Pretty cool, right?

Grizzly bear throwing a football

This one's for the Griz fans out there. Draw a helmet on a bear, give him a football and let him rip it across your shoulder blade.

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