Attorney Shahid Haque-Hauserath is a specialist in immigration law and works at the Border Crossing Firm in Helena, he says he is currently working with around 1,500 people in Montanan who are trying to navigate processes like securing visas, green cards, and U.S. citizenship. Haque-Hausrath says the number of people seeking his help has doubled since President Donald Trump’s win in November.

"Things have changed, there are a lot more people applying for different benefits that they might, in some cases have always been eligible for, but it wasn't a priority for them to apply for citizenship for instance," said Haque Hauserath. "I'd say I'm receiving twice as many calls."

Haque-Hauserath says fear seems to be the motivating factor.

"People are applying for more things, because they are more afraid," Haque-Hausrath said, "It's not just people who are directly impacted by President Trump's executive orders: people from predominantly Muslim countries.There are people who are afraid who are from Europe, Mexico, and Canada and I think that's because imigration effects everyone's livelihood,  It's about your family, your ability to be here."

So who is trying to immigrate to Montana? The answer is unsurprising, Haque-Hausrath says Immigration to Montana is largely from U.S. neighbors Canada and Mexico.

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