The final numbers have been posted for all of the hunter check stations in Montana and according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim, the 2015 hunting season had good results.

"The good news is statewide, mule deer in particular, we're hearing nothing but good reports. Hunters are seeing more deer, more deer were  checked through the check stations and it looks like we're in good shape for years to come unless we get another one of those winters that really sets us back," Aasheim said. "In general, a very good year in spite of the weather."

The numbers were up for nearly species in every region.

"We were up slightly as far as number of animals taken and that's across the board. We had really, really, really good success in the Butte and Ennis area check stations," Aasheim said. "In Region 4, which is Great Falls, we had a harvest of elk greater than any time in the last 20 years. Good news in Billings, that's Region 5, every check station had more hunters and more animals in every category taken compared to last year."

Even though all of the numbers are in from the check stations, FWP only has a partial view of the hunting season harvest. A more complete picture will emerge after all of the state’s hunting license holders complete the hunter survey.