Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On Sunday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte stood with 14 other state governors on a windswept afternoon in Eagle Pass, Texas to support Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ‘Operation Lone Star’ mission to secure the nation’s southern border and protect the citizens of their several states from the invasion of illegal immigrants from around the world.

KGVO News reported on the press conference, where Governor Abbott first laid out the issue that is confronting the United States at the southern border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot Hosted 14 other Governors including Greg Gianforte

“The Texas Department of Public Safety arrested an MS 13 gang member who was on the terrorist watch list,” began Governor Abbott. “But, know this. There are people on the terrorist watch list who are apprehended all the time coming across the border. These are people who paid extra money not to be caught. The United States of America and the President do not know how many people have crossed the border illegally who are on the terrorist watch list and have never been seen. They do not know the imminent dangers that we may be facing.”

After hearing from governors from Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas, Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte stepped up to the microphone to express his support, speaking for the people in Montana.

Gianforte said 'Montana Stands with Texas in this Fight' at the Southern Border

“Let me start by saying Montana stands with Texas in this fight,” began Gianforte. “The governors here have repeatedly called on the Biden administration to step up and do their job. Most recently, in a joint letter, we asked for the names and identities of people who have crossed illegally into this country. But this request has been met with silence. It came on top of a letter that shared a 10-point plan to secure the border. That was three years ago. We're still waiting for a response from the White House.”

Gianforte called the uncontrolled movement of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border ‘an invasion’.

Gianforte said 'States are being Invaded' due to the Biden Administration's Actions

“Our states are being invaded by the people crossing illegally,” he said. “Our Constitution gives the states the right to self-defense. That's what Governor Abbott's doing, and that's why we're here standing with him today. Biden is doing the exact opposite. He's working against the interests of this country. And we are here today to call on him and the federal administration to do their job.”
Hear Gianforte’s entire remarks below.

Gianforte also participated in a tour of the area and received briefings from Texas Department of Public Safety Deputy Director Freeman Martin, Adjutant General of Texas Major General Thomas Suelzer, and Texas Border Czar Mike Banks.

The U.S. Supreme Court last week ruled against Texas in the use of razor wire to help secure the border, however, Texas has countersued the federal government for allegedly cutting razor wire at the US-Mexico border.

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