Montana Gear Up, a program designed to increase the number of first generation and low income students to attend college, is teaming up with MAPS Media Institute, (Media Arts in Public Schools) to create a short video during a summer camp going on this week in St. Ignatius.

Director of Gear Up, Jan Lombardi said on Tuesday that the young students will be writing, creating and producing their own video all this week.

"They'll have a chance to produce and direct their own original work," Lombardi said. "We thought this would be an excellent chance for more kids to learn job skills and techniques in video, and we're excited that MAPS was willing to come up to the St. Ignatius school."

Lombardi is expecting quite a few students to participate in the project.

"We're expecting some 20 children to from 8th grade through seniors in high school," Lombardi said. "They were all reporting how exciting and fun it was to learn to use video technology, and they're looking forward to creating some work."

Lombardi said the experience will help kids want to stay in school.

"The students will have a chance to show the finished product in their schools," Lombardi said. "We'll also be able to showcase what students can do in terms of learning emerging technology, and why it's so important also to stay in school, graduate from high school and go on to college to perhaps pursue a career in film making."

Gear Up Director Jan Lombardi

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