Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is seeking applicants to fill fifteen volunteer positions on the new Bitterroot River Recreation Advisory Committee. Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser says there are concerns that the West Fork of the Bitterroot may be overused.

“We have been hearing from flocks for a number of years that boy it would be worth taking a look at just how much use is happening and how that might be affecting river user experience,” said Crowser. “Also, how much maybe it is displacing people to other places because they just aren’t finding satisfaction in their river experience anymore.”

Crowser says there are some state-wide river rules that require FWP to put together a local committee that will advise them on what steps to take moving forward.

“The committee will specifically look at what information we do have right now relative to existing conditions on the river,” Crowser said. “They will look at making some recommendations on what we want the river experience to be like in the upper Bitterroot and develop a list of management actions that could be put into place if certain triggers are met.”

FWP is seeking applicants through November 1, 2016 and Crowser hopes they will have a committee selected by the end of the year.

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