Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in two bucks in Montana. As a result, Fish, Wildlife and Parks are holding the Bridger Special CWD Hunt. FWP Spokesman Greg Lemon explains.

“It will start on December 15 and go through February 15,” said Lemon. “Licenses will go on sale December 11. The goal of the hunt is to determine prevalence and distribution of CWD within the hunt area. That is important for us at FWP because we need to know that information to develop an accurate and efficient long term disease management plan for the area.”

Lemon says a transport restriction zone will be established and include all of Yellowstone and Carbon Counties. This means that deer will need to be boned out or processed before being removed from those areas.

“The spinal column, the brain tissue, all that stuff, has to remain within the transport restriction zone,” Lemon said. “Hunters need to be aware of that. It is really important that we adhere to that so we don’t potentially spread CWD around else ware in the state.”

According to Lemon, FWP will sell 600 special “B” deer licenses for white tail deer and 600 more for mule deer. In Montana, a person may hold a maximum of seven deer “B” licenses per year. A total of about 370 deer will need to be harvested and sampled within the hunt area. Once that number is reached, the hunt will end.

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