Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has been undergoing a lot of considerations for next year's hunting regulations.

Wildlife Manager Mike Thompson with FWP in Missoula said these changes are particularly geared toward B licenses.

"Our mule deer populations are down and they seem to be lower than they were last time we had lower deer populations," Thompson said. "The B license is a license that we use to use dawn and fawn harvest and antler-less harvest on deer and we feel like we should take that away for a while."

With such low deer numbers, FWP is even looking at taking away B licenses across the state.

"The statewide proposal is one where we would generally not be harvesting doe mule deer," Thompson said. "If you look at regulations across the state for mule deer, it would be pretty conservative until they start to bounce back.

Nothing is finalized on the removal of B licences until February 13, and after the final public comment period on Friday.

Thompson said public comments are accepted on the FWP website.