This article... this idea... is a little far-fetched. I won't lie to you.


Have you ever thought about who would win in a fight between Montana politicians? Just pit all the state senators and representatives in a massive Royal Rumble match.  Well, even if you haven't there's a senator in Missouri who has clearly put some thought into it.


According to an article from Newsweek, Missouri Senator Nick Schroer wants the Senate to pass a law to allow fellow senators to settle their scores in the octagon.

Senator Nick Schroer put a motion to the state's Senate to adopt a rule change allowing state politicians to settle grievances through physicality. - Katie Plummer,

Wow. The general consensus among people commenting on Reddit was "What the hell is this idea?"

It's Getting more and more difficult to tell an onion headline from reality these days. - Reddit user Successful_Arm


Given the average age of senators, challenging each other to run up three flights of stairs would have the same effect with less mess. - Reddit user RedditBeginAgain

It stems from a lot of disagreement between Missouri politicians.

Ok, Montana, do you want to legalize state legislators solving issues in a boxing match? Instead of hiring diplomats and people who can take a punch with the likes of Conor McGregor. Instead of the Senate chambers, we can just build boxing rings, octagons and steel cages. No longer is CSpan a channel. It's just an add-on for UFC TV.

What a ludicrously hilarious idea. Montanans are smart enough to know that's a ridiculous idea...



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